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The following are application instructions for Mote's internship programs.  Please read these instructions carefully.
College Internship Program
Eligibility: current students and recent graduates, includes domestic and international applicants

Eligibility: current students (cannot have graduated before internship), permanent residents and US citizens only
* This application opens in January and closes mid-February.  The application is unavailble the remainder of the year.

Application Process
To complete an application, applicants will fill out an online application form, upload supplement materials and request a letter(s) of recommendation.  Applicants may submit their final application once all tasks have been completed.  After submission, a confirmation notice will appear.  Create a login to begin the application submission process.  
Applicants may apply for both the College Internship Program and NSF REU Program, but must submit a separate application for each program.

In an effort to reduce paper consumption and our impact on the environment, applicants are encouraged to UPLOAD all application materials. The list of required materials is listed below:

  1. A One-to-Two (1-2) page Statement of Interest that describes: a) your interests in the program(s) you choose and your career goals, b) your reasons for applying for a Mote internship, and c) why you should be selected for a Mote internship. This can be uploaded as a Word document or a pdf file.
  2. An unofficial copy of your most recent college transcript that lists all college-level courses you have taken to-date and the grades you have received. Both unofficial and official copies are accepted. If your school's grading scale differs from the 4.0 scale, please include an explanation of that scale. Please upload as a pdf file, saved from your school's website or as a jpg or png image, copy-and-pasted into a Word document.
  3. One or two letter(s) of recommendation (depending on the program to which you apply) from an individual capable of commenting on your academic qualifications and, if possible, research skills. College or university faculty or research advisors preferred. Letters of recommendation MUST be uploaded directly from the person writing the letter.  You can request a letter from your recommender(s) by entering his/her email address where directed.  Once the letter is uploaded, the applicant will receive a confirmation email.
  4. A resume or curriculum vitae describing any relevant jobs, internships, volunteer work, scholarships and/or other activities that you have held or participated in and other skills or accomplishments that you wish to identify.  This can be uploaded as a Word document or pdf file.

  5.  Note: Scholarships are only available for the College Internship Program. If you are applying for a Mote scholarship, please include the following components in your application: 
    • Check "yes" that you are applying for a scholarship.  The Scholarship Form will then appear for you to fill out and submit with your application.  Scholarships are only available for US citizens and permanent residents.

It is the student's responsibility to assure that all materials have arrived on or before the deadline. If you are having difficulties formatting or do not receive FluidReview notificaiton emails, please contact  Any additional questions can also be directed to